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Six Galleries of different work

Most of my photography is taking pictures of people. Even when travelling I feel taking pictures of people doing what they do, says more about a country / area than many landscapes.
In the studio, I tend to shoot mainly against the green screen so I can decide at a later date how I am going to use the image.

Green Screen Photography

See Separate page.


Video and TV

Broadcast and Corporate Video

I still do a certain amount of corporate video photography. I spent nearly 20 years as a TV cameraman / journalist. Much of my work was for Trans World Sport which at the time had an audited audience of 260 million. In addition, I made 18 sports programmes from 2003 until 2005


Movie Making

For fun, I make drama movies which over the years have won several International awards.



Boutique Studio

Boutique a small to medium sized studio in the Fitzrovia district of Central London. Although only 5 minutes walk form Oxford Street, Fitzrovia has a village feel to the area.
More about Fitzrovia soon.

Audio - Visual

I am fairly new to this form of presentation. I enjoy making them and have shown a number of AV travelogues to various clubs

Current Plans

More Information soon - In Preparation

Actor Headshots

Future Plans

We intend to re-shoot our 25 minute drama as soon as the weather gets warmer.

More Information soon