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Boutique Studio - Green Screen for Video and Still Photography

Green Screen Photography or more correctly Chroma key is not exactly new.

It has been used in television production for at least 40 years. Originally a Blue screen was used. However what is fairly new is using the process for still photography.

Making photographic montages are also hardly a new procedure and was in common use even before these digital times. With digital it is possible to cut out a foreground and paste it on top of a background in a photographic editing program. Objects with well defined edges tend to be easier to cut out. Human models with fly away hair tend to be a little more difficult. This is not the case with Green Screen photography. In the images to the left we see Helen against several different backgrounds. Alongside is a close up of her fly away hair. Compiling these images took a matter of seconds to render and the hair has had no further after treatment.

The photographing process is fairly similar, however an evenly lit background using genuine chroma green paint is likely to give better results. The software that Boutique Studio uses will render a foreground with background at an A3 resolution in about 30 seconds. No cutting out - just position and scale the foreground and the software takes cares of the rest. There are even extra adjustments which will get rid of any green fringing on the model. If the model was required to hold a green object, after compositing the item would be rendered as background. The software can restore the foreground within seconds. In other words, for the majority of situations a foreground and background image can be composited in certainly less than a minute. Add another few minutes to allow for a final few tweaks in Photoshop or similar and the image is ready for print or whatever.

All in all we feel Green Screen Photography is definitely the way forward. Take the situation of a client who needs to photograph their new swimwear collection in the middle of an English winter. Either they can transport their entire team to the Caribbean and hopefully come back with a stunning collection of images or come to our studio for a two hour booking. Maybe not so glamorous but the whole shoot is likely to cost less than a team breakfast.

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