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About Me

Alan Colegrave FACI ARPS

Image to taken while working in Greenland on the 1999 Arctic Circle Ski Race

Over the last 25 years, I have produced television stories from every continent except Antarctica - from the cold of Greenland to the heat and humidly of Indonesia; from the dryness of the Sahara to the high peaks of the Andes.

I work alongside with Boutique Studio in Central London and have recently set up their Green Screen Still Photography facility . Boutique Studio is in the West End of London, minutes away from theatre land. The studio is approximately 8m by 5.5m and is sound proofed to a high level making it suitable for both still and video shoots.

The standard set up is a continuous Green Screen which extends round a corner and on to the floor. The total length of the screen is around 8 metres. We also keep Chroma Blue, Black and White 2.8m wide paper rolls. Lighting consists of five 300 watt / second flash heads with a collection of softboxes, barn doors and snoots. We also have a fully equipped makeup room with an illuminated mirror. At the studio, I do a limited about of model training and test shoots. Outside of work, I am a regular camera club judge and speaker based in the Chilterns  / North Thames area.

I have a Flickr and Vimeo site.

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